What We Do

We are a fun, upbeat band that will get your reception DANCING! Because, lets be honest, we all like to dance at weddings. We play all the current hits as well as revamped classics. We also cover a variety of genres from pop, RnB, rock, and country. During the sets we start with some classics that will get even your grandma to start dancing. Then on our second and third set, we start to pump the jams and get everyone on the dance floor. We start to play some Bruno Mars, The King of Pop, some Earth Wind and Fire. 

When We Play

In Session Music is a team of extremely talented musicians who have been in the business for years. We are dedicated to provide unrivaled services. Hosting a phenomenal event is an essential to you as our clients. Depending on the option you chose, we play cocktail hour right up to when the last guest at your event leaves. 

High-End Sound and Lighting

Our package ensures crystal clear sound quality with our advanced Bose system that can range from a small jazz set at a quaint Italian restaurant to pumping out some Lady Gaga in a function hall. This versatile system can fit all your needs. Additionally, we provide a fully programmed LED lighting to ensure the mood of each song matches the color of the room. 

These state of the art systems allows us to focus all our energy on the performance so you can cut a rug on the dance floor. We can alter our sound so Grandma can hear Grandpa at the dinner to you singing to the top of your lungs to Living on a Prayer


We offer several options to turn your party all the way to ten!

Some things we offer are

- Full Band (6 Piece)

- Jazz trio (piano, upright bass, classical guitar)

- Quartet (piano, 2 vocalists, upright bass, classical guitar)

- Additional brass sections (saxophones, trumpets, etc)

Example Timeline

6:00-7:00PM | Cocktail Hour (Light Jazz with our upright bass, pianist, and classical guitarist)

7-7:10PM | Grand Intros

7:10-7:15PM | First Dance (Full Band)

7:15-8:30PM | Dinner and Toasts

8:30-8:45PM | Cake and Dances (Full Band)

8:45-11:15PM | Dance Party

11:15-11:30 | Encores

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